The Vibrant

The body’s natural intelligence, in the palm of your hands

Living with Constipation is Uncomfortable

Chronic idiopathic constipation (CIC) is one of the most common gastrointestinal disorders,
with a global prevalence of 14%. It is commoner in women and its prevalence increases with age 1
“CIC affects 35 million adult Americans, resulting in more than millions of physician visits annually” 2
“a vibrating capsule…. which is easy to swallow, is intrinsically timed to have a delay mechanism so it does not activate or begin vibrating until 8 hours after it’s been ingested in an attempt to approximate its arrival in the colon” 3

The Treatment

A Fully-integrated healthcare experience

Vibrant integrates patient-specific needs and behaviors with provider’s disease management to deliver a fully-integrated healthcare experience and improved treatment outcomes for CIC; it uses a non-drug ingestible capsule intended to mechanically stimulate the GI tract, that works with an activation pod that sets the stimulation in accordance with the circadian rhythm to encourage the body’s evacuation mechanism in a natural way. The digital companion app guides patients during the treatment process and offers tools to better monitor their condition and improve quality of life.
Vibrant in action

Easy to Use

Easy and convenient, the novel treatment is designed to enable predictable bowel movement and self-monitoring progress of the treatment with an interactive companion app using three simple steps:


Place the capsule in the pod


The capsule is automatically activated


Swallow the capsule
Mechanism of Action

How It Works

Once ingested, the vibrating capsule makes its way toward the digestive system and begins to stimulate the colon in sequence that mimic peristalsis to encourage digestive activities and relieve constipation symptoms. The capsule washes out of the body in subsequent bowel movements.
The treatment includes an app that helps patients monitor their progress. The app also features data reports to enable physician monitor the patient`s treatment.


The capsule stimulates bowel movement
by mechanically inducing vibrations


Circadian rhythm sets the body’s natural
evacuation mechanism in motion


Fill out your e-diary in the Vibrant app
(Periodical reports can be shared with your physician)
At the vanguard of Remote Healtcare

Remote-Based Treatment

This data driven, non-drug therapy helps physicians to optimize workflow and relationship with the patient, by converting in-clinic visits with seamless, digitally-optimized monitoring to provide better care at the patient-level.